AAC Feedback Procedures


1. AAC and the Professional bodies are concerned that the programme provided should be the best possible and feedback from the students is an important element in this.

2. Evaluations will be conducted for every term and whenever to gather feedback on the effectiveness of the lecturer and other aspects of the course on a monthly basis.

3. Please take time to complete and return the questionnaires as they are taken very seriously and help to make sure that the programme fits the need of students and any problems identified are dealt with promptly.

4. You will receive questionnaires about the administrative aspects of the programme it is hoped that you will complete and return them.

5. Your feedback is essential in helping AAC to improve on its services and the delivery of its course.


1. AAC will do everything they reasonably can, to ensure that your programme is problem-free. However, if problems do arise, there are a number of avenues open to you.

2. Matters relating to the content or pace of an individual lecture course should be taken up with the lecturer concerned.

3. Matters relating to the overall content or shape of the programme should be taken up with AAC Head of Academics in the first instance.

4. Any personal problems you experience which might affect your studies, should also be notified to AAC

so that any necessary action can be initiated. For example, it may be appropriate for your registration to be suspended for a period until your problems have been resolved and you can resume your studies. Formal procedures exist for dealing with such matters.

5. The Programme Leader of the program may also be contacted if other avenues have already been followed but personal problems persist.

6. AAC has formal codes of practice on handling sexual or racial harassment and a complaint procedure is there for use when it has not been possible to resolve problems amicably. Copies of these can be supplied on request.

7. All complaints are addressed within 21 working days depending on the seriousness of the complaints.

8. AAC has designated Nizar Ahamed to be the contact point for all complaints. He can be contacted by filling in your details below or alternatively, you can email him directly at Nizar Ahamed <>

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