School Rules And Regulations

School Rules


For all students and for all courses

The Academic Board requires that students attend school regularly in accordance with the Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore and the Committee of Private Education (CPE). Based on the ICA requirement, international students holding a student pass must attain a minimum attendance of 90% and this applies to all exam sittings.

The educational Programme offered requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation. The regular contact of students with one another in the classroom and their participation in a well-­‐planned instructional activity under the tutelage of a competent teacher are vital to this purpose.

Prolonged or repeated absences, excused or unexcused from school, deprive students of the classroom experience deemed essential to learning and may result in retention at that level and or termination from the course in accordance with policies of the Academic Board.

What is Excused and Unexcused Absences


Personal illness or quarantine Bereavement

Serious illness or emergency Observance of a major religious holiday

Other exceptional reasons approved by the CEO



Parent tardiness or forgetfulness

Skipping classes & early dismissal Studying  for  a  test  or  doing  an  assignment

Leaving  class/school  without  permission

No specific reason for absence


Consistent attendance and on –time arrival at school is an important part of any students  education.  Because  of  its  importance,  the  Principal/CEO  has  the  authority to enforce the policy through a variety of methods. The Principal/CEO may at his/her discretion enforce other penalties to ensure compliance with the attendance and tardy policies and regulatory requirements.

A student’s attendance and punctuality are recorded in his/her academic report as the number of school days present, excused absence, unexcused absence and instances  of  late  coming.    The  school  does  not  allow  Unexcused  Absences  and  discourages long planned absences or extending school vacations into lengthier holidays.  A  student’s  ability  to  maintain  grades  is  impacted  by  extended  absences. Each school day and each class is important.


Tardiness is disruptive to the whole educational process and is inconsiderate to both  teachers  and  other  students.,  therefore,  it  is  imperative  that  students  are  punctual. A student is considered tardy when he/she arrives to class after class commences time. (it varies with various programs).


No  child/ward  is  allowed  to  leave  school  during  school  time  unless  a  parent/guardian or an adult accompanies him from the school. All day attendance  is  important  for  every  student,  every  school  day.  If  it  is  known  in  advanced that an early dismissal is absolutely necessary, parents/guardian must send a written note to the teacher. This is allowed only in rare circumstances


Students are discouraged from taking vacations or trips during the school year. However, if family trips are unavoidable, the school should be notified 14 days in advanced .

1. Any leave not approved will be treated as Un excused Absences. Once again, the school does not cater to Unexcused Absences.

2. Students are only allowed to take leave during the school holidays and must be accompanied by relevant leave forms.