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About Academies Australasia

Academies Australasia College (AAC) is a leading education provider in Singapore, offering Certificate in English courses, Singapore Government School Preparatory courses, as well as Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses. AAC is a part of the Academies Australasia Group.

Established in 1908, Academies Australasia has been operating for more than 111 years. It has a long and successful experience in education – going back in excess of 50 years.

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) over 42 years ago, it is Australia’s longest listed education group. Public listed status means that apart from having to meet the well regarded and carefully supervised standards of the education sector, Academies Australasia colleges must also comply with the strict financial and reporting regulations of the ASX.

Academies Australasia colleges offer more than 200 qualifications to about 14,000 students across campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Dubbo - in 5 states in Australia. We also have a college in Singapore which offers Australian-standard courses.

Our students come from 130 countries (including 6 dependencies). This diverse student population creates a truly unique learning experience for our students.

Since October 2009, following the acquisition of a controlling stake in Washington Institute (subsequently renamed ‘Academies Australasia College‘) the Group also has to comply with the requirements of the education authorities in Singapore.


Our Colleges

There are 18 colleges, each a separate company with its own licence to operate as an education institution, i.e. Academies Australasia College in Singapore and 17 colleges in Australia.

• Academy of English (ELICOS) [including Academy of English (Blue Mountains)]

• Academies Australasia Institute (Vocational)

• Australian International High School (Senior High School)

• Benchmark College (Vocational)

• Clarendon Business College (Vocational)

• College of Sports & Fitness (Vocational)

• Supreme Business College (Vocational)

• RuralBiz Training (Vocational)

• Academies Australasia Polytechnic (Higher Education and Vocational)

• Discover English (English)

• Spectra Training (Vocational)

• Vostro Institute of Training Australia (Vocational)

• Print Training Australia (Vocational)

• DFL Education (Vocational)

   - Brisbane School of Hairdressing

   - Gold Coast School of Hairdressing

   - Brisbane School of Beauty

• Language Links (English)

In Singapore, Academies Australasia College is located on Middle Road, in the education precinct. Singapore is growing rapidly as a destination for international students. One reason for Academies Australasia operating in Singapore is so that international students may study Academies Australasia programmes without having to come to Australia. Students continuing their studies to more advanced vocational or higher education courses in Australia may be eligible for advanced standing, based on the course(s) they have successfully completed at Academies Australasia College. Articulation agreements with select Australian education providers are in place and students have to meet the admission requirements of the respective Australian educational institutions.


Our Colleges - Contact Details

Group Head Office
T: +61 2 9224 5500
Benchmark College
T: +61 1800 286 916
College of Sports & Fitness
T: + 61 2 9267 4768
RuralBiz Training
T: +61 2 6884 8812
Academies Australasia Polytechnic
T: +61 3 8610 4100
Discover English
T: +61 3 9602 4800
Vostro Institute of Training Australia
T: + 61 3 9318 6956
Print Training Australia
T: + 61 8 8172 0022
Language Links
T: +61 8 9328 1266
Academies Australasia College
T: +65 6337 9949
Brisbane School of Hairdressing/ Brisbane School of Beauty/ Gold Coast School of Hairdressing
T: +61 7 3229 2999
Spectra Training
T: +61 3 9292 8000